Time is like a handful of sand

Time is like a handful of sand


“Time is like a handful of sand.”

In the quiet corners of our existence, where the waves kiss the shore and the sun paints the sky, time reveals its secrets. It slips through our fingers, leaving behind memories etched in the grains of our souls.

The Sunrise Ritual

As dawn tiptoed across the horizon, Maria stood on the weathered deck of her beachside cottage. The salty breeze tangled her hair, and she clutched a handful of sand—the same sand that had witnessed generations come and go. Each grain whispered stories of love, loss, and longing.

The Forgotten Letters

In the attic, Maria discovered a wooden chest. Its hinges groaned as she lifted the lid, revealing yellowed envelopes tied with faded ribbons. The letters within spoke of wartime separations, promises made, and hearts broken. Time had preserved them, like ancient relics buried in the sand.

Footprints in the Sand

On moonlit nights, Maria walked along the shore, tracing the footprints left by lovers and dreamers. The waves washed away their imprints, but time held them close. She wondered if love, too, was like a handful of sand—slipping away yet leaving traces of its existence.

The Lighthouse Keeper

Old Mr. Thompson tended the lighthouse, his eyes weathered by years of watching ships navigate treacherous waters. He spoke of storms that raged and calms that lulled. “Time,” he said, “is the keeper of all stories. It guides ships and hearts alike.”

The Final Sunset

As Maria’s days dwindled, she sat on the same deck, her fingers sifting through the sand. The sun dipped low, casting a golden hue on the water. She whispered her own story—the love she’d lost, the dreams she’d chased. Time listened, its grains slipping through her grasp.

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Problems are not stop signs they are guidelines

Problems are not stop signs they are guidelines

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Trusting everyone is dangerous not trusting everyone is very dangerous