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12 Rules of becoming the best version of yourself by Priyanka Chopra Jonas

1. There is only you Understand what makes you unique. Go after what you want, not what is expected out of you or by the society, which is largely patriarchal. Don’t be afraid of change, for it is the only constant. Your dreams will evolve 2. Made choices Recognizing opportunities is very important, as they don’t come too often. Be …

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Introspective Poem On The Fruits Of A Tree – A Punishment or Prize?

Introspective Poem On The Fruits Of A Tree - A Punishment or Prize?@dontgiveupworld

The tree The fruits of this tree breed knowledge A power A gift A blessing and a curse. The first to drive deep into it core Was infected yet cured. Given wisdom Filled with opinions and emotions Set in motion to build and destroy Construct and destruct The fibres that struck with ethics and such Shame, doubt, fear, courage, sin …

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This Short Film By Ultra Shots Shows That You Are What Your Dream Is And You’re Free To Achieve It

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. Life is what you make it up to. This shirt film is about the Samarth’ who takes a trip to Goa and his life changes forever, for he meets ‘Vanya’ but the story is about you, me and countless people like us who have muffled the …

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