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When I was aghast with fear, felt isolated and no one so near. I wrapped my arms around myself, choked even to cry for help. You entered through that cold night and whispered in my ear, said I am so close to you and your dear. Since then there is magic in my life, your love is the sky and …

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Meet Dr Narinder Singh Kapany : The Father Of Fibre Optics

Father Of Fibre Optics Dr Narinder Singh Kapany, known as the father of fibre optics, is an Indian-born American physicist who has been a pioneer in the  development and  innovation of optical fibres. Taking on the roles of a physicist, a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, a businessman and a sculptor, he has been a huge contributor to the world  in all …

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Inspiring Poem Hope – The Ray of Light by Sha Azam Siddiqui

HOPE – THE RAY OF LIGHT is about the possibility of living life when there are circumstance’s which pull you down but still you don’t give up and fight, my poem shows that light only which is there in each and every one of us, which we should see within and live life happily and easily.   HOPE – THE …

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6 Indians Broke the Guinness World Record for Most Light Orbs in a Photograph

Officially Amazing @ Guinness World Record 6 Indians Broke the Guinness World Record for Most Light Orbs in a Photograph                     We are pleased to inform you that a group of six Indian Light Painters broke a world record in the domain of light painting photography by creating 900 light orbs.The record, which was attempted on July 26, 2015, was …

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