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LIFE IS UNENDING JOURNEY With the paths unfold Life opens the gate Which seems unpleasant Story which is untold Some passes through Some remain still Some seems to remain stuck At their own will Stuck in between choices In hope for someone To hold their hands Wanting to be with that one Life is a pleasant journey Which one has …

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Motivational Poem On Life Is Worth Another Shot By KRITIKA SEHGAL

LIFE IS WORTH ANOTHER SHOT That day she forgot all her pain, although she was all drenched in rain. All she could think was of the gain, when hope and smile each one would attain.  For each one would love and live, and will still have enough to give. Even if the days were  tough, gloomy dark and nights so …

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Admiral McRaven’s Inspirational Commencement Speech If You Want To Change The World

Sometimes all you need is a piece of advice and some inspirational words to pull off yourself from dodge.Here is one such speech given by US Navy Admiral. Naval Admiral.William H. McRaven, ninth commander of U.S. Special Operations Command delivers a powerful commencement speech in University of Texas about change and life. Transcript: If you want to change the world, …

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This Short Film By Ultra Shots Shows That You Are What Your Dream Is And You’re Free To Achieve It

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. Life is what you make it up to. This shirt film is about the Samarth’ who takes a trip to Goa and his life changes forever, for he meets ‘Vanya’ but the story is about you, me and countless people like us who have muffled the …

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