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Hindi Poem Jindgani Mana Hi Leti Hai By Balswarup Rahi

Inspirational Hindi Poem Jindgani Mana Hi Leti Hai By Balswarup Rahi

Hindi Poem Jindgani Mana Hi Leti Hai By Balswarup Rahi

In the tapestry of life, every thread weaves a unique story. Balswarup Rahi’s poignant poem captures the essence of existence, celebrating its twists, turns, and unexpected moments. Let’s delve into its verses:
  1. Har Kisi Aankh Mein Khumaar Nahin (No Intoxication in Every Eye): Life doesn’t always serve intoxicating moments. Not every gaze holds euphoria. We encounter mundane days, routine tasks, and ordinary glances. Yet, within this simplicity lies profound wisdom.
  2. Har Kisi Roop Par Nikhaar Nahin (No Radiance in Every Form): Not every appearance dazzles. Beauty isn’t always visible; it resides in the ordinary. Rahi reminds us that beneath the surface, there’s a hidden glow waiting to be discovered.
  3. Sab Ke Aanchal To Bhar Nahin (Not Everyone’s Lap Is Filled): Love isn’t distributed equally. Some hearts overflow with affection, while others remain untouched. Life’s bounty isn’t uniform—it favors some, leaving others yearning.
  4. Dhanvaan Hai Udaar Nahin (Wealthy Isn’t Always Generous): Riches don’t guarantee generosity. Beneath opulence, hearts may remain closed. Rahi acknowledges this paradox—how wealth doesn’t always translate into benevolence.
  5. Sisakiyaan Bhar Rahi Hai Sannata (Silence Echoes with Whimpers): Amid silence, unspoken sorrows resonate. The quiet moments harbor unexpressed pain. Rahi’s words evoke empathy for the unsung struggles we all carry.
  6. Koi Aahat Koi Pukaar Nahin (No Footsteps, No Calls): Sometimes, we yearn for footsteps, for someone to call our name. But silence persists. Rahi questions why he shouldn’t close the door, as even your anticipation no longer waits.
  7. Par Jharokhe Ki Raah Chupke Se (Yet Through the Window’s Path Silently): Stealthily, moonlight filters through the window. Like a mischievous reflection, it dances on the floor. Rahi paints this delicate moment—a secret shared between night and soul.
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