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Inspirational Story : IAS Officer Jaiganesh Happily Took Up Waiter’s Job


They say if you fail on your first attempt, try again until you succeed. This is what we must learn from IAS officer K Jaiganesh who did not give up until he achieved his dream through his unparalleled determination and perseverance. Earlier, Jaiganesh (29) worked at Satyam Cinemas issuing tickets for a monthly salary of Rs 3,000. But he soon realised that …

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Video/Read : Overcoming Physical Disabilities, Rajkot Girl Runs Her Own Business


Vandana from Rajkot, Gujarat had contracted jaundice when she was just two-days-old. The disease took a severe toll making 80 percent of her body disabled. But this did not let down Vandana’s spirit. It was barely an impediment for her to achieve her dreams. She was determined to get enrolled in school for she was passionate about her studies. Vandana …

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Motivational Quotes- ‘Tis The Season Of Doing, Not Dreaming

Motivational Wallpaper Dreams + Work = Success

” The dream you’ve had since you were born is still there, you know. It may seem impossible, ridiculous, unrealistic. Yet, it’s still there—waiting to go beyond your fear of failing, your “what-if” excuses, your concern of what others may think. Your dream is ready to get out of its cocoon. So, pick up the pen. Pick up the paper. …

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Video/Read : Meet Durga Kami- 68-Year-old student is loving going back to school……


“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” ? Henry Ford. When we imagine a person in school dress, an image of a teenager comes to our mind, but Durga Kami from Nepal has broken that stereotype. Durga Kami does touch up to his white beard wearing his school uniform and with …

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