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Quote on gratitude by William Arthur Ward

Quote on gratitude by William Arthur Ward

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.

William Arthur Ward

Quote on gratitude by William Arthur Ward

Unwrapping Gratitude: A Silent Gift


“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

In the quaint village of Willowbrook, nestled amidst rolling hills, lived an elderly woman named Eliza. Her days were woven with threads of simple joys—a cup of chamomile tea at sunrise, the rustle of leaves in her garden, and the warmth of her cozy hearth. But Eliza carried a secret—a gift she had wrapped but never given.

The Forgotten Present

The Wooden Box

Eliza’s attic held a dusty wooden box. Within its weathered confines lay memories—letters from long-lost friends, pressed flowers from her youth, and a bundle of gratitude. Each day, she added to this invisible gift, wrapping it with threads of heartfelt appreciation.

The Silent Offering

Eliza’s neighbor, Mrs. Thompson, tended to her garden with care. She shared stories of her grandchildren and offered homemade apple pie. Eliza listened, touched by these small gestures. Yet, she hesitated to unwrap her gift. Perhaps gratitude was meant to remain hidden, like a treasure buried deep.

The Awakening

A Chance Encounter

One crisp autumn afternoon, Eliza sat on her porch, sipping tea. A young girl named Lily skipped by, her laughter echoing. Eliza watched, her heart swelling. She realized that gratitude, like a present, yearned to be shared—to light up another’s world.

The Unwrapping

Eliza penned a letter to Mrs. Thompson. She expressed her thanks for the apple pie, the stories, and the warmth of their friendship. As she sealed the envelope, she felt the weight of her silent gift lift. Gratitude, once hidden, now flowed freely.

The Ripple Effect

Spreading Joy

Mrs. Thompson received the letter, tears glistening in her eyes. She hugged Eliza, whispering, “Your words are my favorite gift.” And so, the cycle continued. Eliza’s gratitude touched Mrs. Thompson, who baked more pies and shared them with others. The village buzzed with kindness.

The Lesson

Eliza learned that gratitude was not meant to be hoarded—it was a currency of the heart. She visited Lily, gifted her a pressed flower, and said, “This is for your laughter.” Lily beamed, and Eliza’s heart swirled with joy.

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