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Quote on earth by L M Wilde

Quote on earth by L M Wilde

When we honour the earth, we honour ourselves.

L M Wilde

Quote on earth by L M Wilde

“Harmony Beneath the Canopy”


“When we honour the earth, we honour ourselves.”

In the heart of a lush forest, where sunlight filtered through emerald leaves, lived a wise elder named Aria. Her weathered hands cradled seeds, and her eyes held the secrets of seasons. Aria understood that the earth was not merely soil and roots—it was a living tapestry woven with threads of life. She whispered to the wind, “We are custodians, not conquerors.”

The Sacred Grove

Aria tended to an ancient grove, where trees stood tall, their roots entwined like old friends. Each morning, she greeted the oaks, birches, and maples. Their rustling leaves echoed stories of resilience and interconnectedness. “We are part of this dance,” Aria murmured, her voice a gentle breeze.

Seasons’ Rhythms

As seasons pirouetted, Aria observed the earth’s moods. Spring unfurled delicate blossoms, and Aria danced with joy. Summer hummed with cicadas, and Aria swayed in gratitude. Autumn painted leaves in fiery hues, and Aria wept for their fleeting beauty. Winter whispered stillness, and Aria listened, knowing rest was as sacred as growth.

The Healing Garden

Aria cultivated herbs—chamomile for peace, lavender for solace, and mint for clarity. She brewed teas that healed both body and spirit. Visitors sought her wisdom, and she shared her mantra: “Nourish the earth, and it will nourish you.”

The Circle of Life

One moonlit night, Aria sat under the ancient oak. Stars winked above, and roots embraced her. She pondered existence—the birth of saplings, the decay of fallen leaves, and the promise of rebirth. “We are stardust and soil,” she whispered, “interwoven in this cosmic tale.”

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