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Quote on being average by John Wooden

Quote on being average by John Wooden

Being average means you are as close to the bottom as you are to the top.

John Wooden

Quote on being average by John Wooden

Being Average: A Journey from Mediocrity to Greatness


In a world where excellence is celebrated, mediocrity often feels like a curse. But what if being average could be a stepping stone to greatness? Let’s explore this paradox through the story of Alex, a young musician with big dreams.

The Struggle

Alex loved playing the guitar. His fingers danced across the strings, creating melodies that resonated with his soul. Yet, he knew he was just an average guitarist. His friends praised him, but he secretly yearned for more. He wanted to compose music that would touch hearts, not just entertain.

The Turning Point

One rainy evening, Alex stumbled upon an old jazz record in his grandfather’s attic. The cover was faded, but the music inside was timeless. As he listened, he realized that the great jazz musicians hadn’t started as virtuosos. They had been ordinary people who practiced relentlessly, pushing their limits.

Embracing Mediocrity

Alex decided to embrace his mediocrity. Instead of feeling defeated, he saw it as an opportunity. He enrolled in music theory classes, learning about scales, chords, and harmonies. He practiced every day, even when his fingers ached. Slowly, he began composing his own tunes.

The Breakthrough

One day, while strumming his guitar, Alex stumbled upon a beautiful chord progression. It felt like magic—the kind that could move mountains. He recorded it, added lyrics, and performed it at a local café. The audience was spellbound. Alex had found his voice, not by trying to be extraordinary, but by accepting his averageness.

The Rise

Word spread about Alex’s soul-stirring music. He collaborated with other musicians, blending genres and creating something unique. His songs touched hearts, reminding people that greatness wasn’t reserved for the elite. It was within reach for anyone willing to work hard and believe in themselves.


“Being average means you are as close to the bottom as you are to the top.” Alex understood this quote differently now. It wasn’t about settling for mediocrity; it was about using it as a launchpad. He had transformed his average talent into something extraordinary, proving that sometimes, the middle ground is where magic happens.

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