Motivational Callertune:Give Me Some Sun Shine From 3 Idiots(Vodafone India Only)

Song:Give Me Some Sun Shine


To set the Callertune by listening to a Preview
Select the song and call the respective Dial Code.
For eg: To listen to a preview of ‘Give Me Some Sun Shine’ just call the respective Dial Code i.e, just dial 57310026207

To set the Callertune directly over SMS
Select the song and send: CT <SMS Code> to 56789
For eg: To set ‘Give Me Some Sun Shine’ as your Callertune sms CT 10026207 to 56789

Charges: Rs 3 / SMS | Call at 30p/min | Rs 15 / song selection | Monthly rent – Rs 30

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Written by Deepali Pandit


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