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Hindi Poem: Sudama Charitra By Narottam Das

Inspirational Poem in Hindi: Sudama
Inspirational Poem in Hindi: Sudama Charitra By Narottam Das
Inspirational Poem in Hindi: Sudama Charitra By Narottam Das

Download Inspirational Poem in Hindi: Sudama Charitra

Hindi Poem: Sudama Charitra By Narottam Das

This famous poem by Narottam Das (AD 1550-1605) describes the story of Sudama who was a close friend of Lord Krishna. Sudama lived in poverty and his wife always prodded Sudama to visit Lord Krishna in Dwarka for some financial help. Sudama felt reluctant to ask money from a friend but he finally relented. Lord Krishna heartily welcomed Sudama when he reached Dwarka but Sudama could not ask for money and returned empty handed. However when he reached his home he found that in his absence Lord Krishna had already had his dilapidated hut replaced with a grand golden palace. Rajiv Krishna Saxena 

“Sudama Charitra” by Narottam Das is a celebrated Hindi poem that beautifully narrates the story of Sudama, a childhood friend of Lord Krishna. The poem is a significant work in the Bhakti (devotional) literary tradition and highlights themes of devotion, friendship, humility, and divine grace.

Narottam Das, a revered poet-saint, captures the essence of Sudama’s unwavering devotion and the purity of his friendship with Krishna. The poem is a retelling of an episode from the Bhagavata Purana, where Sudama, a poor Brahmin, visits Krishna, the king of Dwarka, to seek help. Despite his poverty, Sudama hesitates to ask for assistance, underscoring his humility and selflessness.

The poem’s language is rich with imagery and emotion, drawing readers into the heartfelt reunion of the two friends. Narottam Das emphasizes the stark contrast between Sudama’s impoverished state and Krishna’s royal splendor, yet this disparity does not affect their bond. Krishna’s warm welcome and genuine affection for Sudama illustrate the divine’s unconditional love for a true devotee.

A central theme in “Sudama Charitra” is the transformative power of devotion.

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