If Your Dreams Do Not Scare You Then They Are Too Small

If Your Dreams Do Not Scare You Then They Are Too Small


“If Your Dreams Do Not Scare You Then They Are Too Small.”

In the quiet corners of our minds, dreams flicker like distant stars. They beckon us, daring us to reach beyond the ordinary, to embrace the extraordinary. But what if our dreams were not mere whispers? What if they roared like thunder, shaking the very foundations of our existence?

The Whispering Willow

Amelia sat on the creaky porch swing, her eyes tracing the constellations above. Her dream—a quaint bookstore nestled in a forgotten alley—had always been her secret. But secrets have a way of escaping, and hers was no exception.

The townsfolk scoffed when she shared her vision. “A bookstore? In this digital age?” they chortled. Yet, Amelia persisted. She sketched floor plans, imagined shelves laden with leather-bound tomes, and whispered to the ancient willow tree that guarded her backyard.

The Roar of Doubt

As the seasons changed, so did Amelia’s resolve. Doubt crept in, gnawing at her determination. The dream that once whispered now roared—a tempest of fear and uncertainty. Could she really defy the odds? Was her dream too audacious?

The Midnight Revelation

One moonlit night, the willow tree stirred. Its gnarled branches seemed to reach for the stars. Amelia listened, her heart pounding. The wind carried a message—a reminder that dreams were meant to be colossal, to stretch the sinews of our souls.

“Fear,” the tree murmured, “is the echo of possibility.”

The Bookstore Unveiled

Amelia’s bookstore materialized like a forgotten spell. The sign above the door read “Whispering Willow Books.” The townsfolk, once skeptics, now marveled at the cozy nooks, the scent of aged paper, and the promise of adventure. Dreams had a way of transforming doubters into believers.

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As Long as feel pain you are Still Alive

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