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The pace of life these days has resulted in extra working hours, loneliness, stress, depression, confusions, unstable relationships and much more. Our Indian Society’s stand on psychological problems, lack of time, prevents us from seeking help.

Studies have shown that Indians are among the worst sufferers of depression, with nearly 36 percent of the population having a major depressive episode, according to an earlier WHO study. 1 in every 4 Indians suffer from some form of mental distress. That’s why Richa Singh, an IIT Guwahati alumnus, started, an emotional support system for people to anonymously discuss our problems with qualified and experienced individuals.

D.O.S.T from Richa Singh on Vimeo.

In the words of Rich Singh :

“We have been there ourselves, where we wished we had someone to talk to. When people are usually shy to go to family/friends or medical professionals to discuss their problems, they can anonymously chat with special friends (consisting of psychologists and other experienced people) on Your D.O.S.T, get into peer-peer discussion, read self help and feel better.
We have successfully touched lives of 3000+ people and are determined to help more.
Please join us in our initiative so that together we can help those who need our support and create a happier society”
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