Your Life and A Journey To Top of The Hill

Ever imagined how our life resembles a journey to top of the hill?

Here is a small comparison between your life and a journey to hill top. You can imagine yourself in any situation of your life and compare it. Let’s assume that you have a defined path to reach top of the hill and this path will be followed through out.

When you are about to start the trip, you at least look upward once and see the hill top, that is your target you wish to achieve. Similarly whenever you start something new in life, you set an imaginary Goal and look to achieve it someday. In both cases here, when you start journeys you are very excited, energetic and determined to do whatever required reaching the maxim.

Now as the journey progress, we come across Ascent. This is where you put up more efforts, bend your backs and continue moving because you see the target nearing a little by little. You can see yourself in similar situations in life as well. Imagine you have joined a new job, you put lots of efforts to prove your mettle, might stretch over the working hours. But you continue to put the efforts.

So far, though you are climbing, you have been traveling a straight path. Now you encounter curves, these are not simple curves. Here you have to turn and climb as well, so you have to put even more efforts and have to put in some skills as well. You have to move your knees and ankles accordingly. Now compare this with your work life where you have to shift to new roles and responsibilities. You have to put in even more efforts and also display skills that make you move further.

As you keep on moving crossing many hurdles, you cross half way mark and continue moving further but now you start feeling exhausted. Your energy levels have depleted and are not in same state as they were initially. But you don’t give up, you keep moving. But now there is a slight change in your behavior as the mind starts playing games. Along with looking upwards, you have also started looking below. You feel proud that you have come quite a way. And then some pride in you makes you to move further as you remember your goal. Now compare this with other situation in life, student life, when you were preparing for Exams. When you had completed 60% of the syllabus, you are tired but little content as well. You realize that there is still some risk element and start preparing further. But remember your target is 100%.

As you rise further, after having put in all the efforts initially, tackling all the curves and refusing to give up, you reach quite near to top. But you haven’t reached the top yet, now the things become even tougher. You are weak and exhausted, but nature takes no mercy upon you. The temperatures drop and oxygen levels in air are also less and time is running against you, making it difficult for you to survive and breathe. But you can be content with this as only few people can reach this place and you can put your mark there. Now coming back to your work life, this could be your point in life where you have reached a high-level management position. Definitely only few can reach there. You are no longer young and could be suffering from minor ailments as well. So, You tend to think of retiring peacefully and enjoy the life.

But these are not the characteristics of winners. These are not your characteristics as you don’t give up. How can you think of stopping without achieving your goals, how can you stop without reaching the top. Even if you have reached a position where only a few can, you have not reached the top. There are still some people above you. You can take a little rest but, but you cannot stop till you reach the top. This is where you use all the left over energy, fight against the fate, nature and your mind and move further. Surely, this is the toughest phase of the trip so far but this is the phase that you can narrate proudly, this is the phase which others will remember you for. This is the phase that separates mortals from the immortals. And finally you reach the top of the Hill and now here you put your flag. This is your mark, a winner’s mark. Compare this with your work life now. You were in higher management, but you were not CEO yet. You defy all the odds; put efforts despite you are aged and tired. Your climb continuous and you are finally the CEO. You are talked about and you are the person in News. Everybody in the Company knows your name.

Caution: Reaching the top is not the end of your journey. The space to put your feet is very less on Top. A wrong foot can result in your fall, and remember, descend is faster than ascend and difficult to control as well. Same is the case for Work Life. At the highest position, margin of error almost doesn’t exist.

What do you think?

Written by Vaibhav


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