You Have a Choice

At all times, you have a choice. Life is not happeningto you. It’s happening foryou, and mostlybecause of you. But no matter what is occurring outside of you, you always have a choice.

Concept of choice between two options marked as A and B. Letters are printed on note paper and attached to crope with clothes pins.
Concept of choice between two options marked as A and B. Letters are printed on note paper and attached to cope with clothes pins.

Your choice is how you respond to the world around you, and how you navigate the world inside you. It’s how you choose to translate what happens and what everything means.

As simple as it may sound, or perhaps as difficult as this may be to hear, you and you alone have full control over the quality of your experience here in the physical world. What shows up is what you asked for, directly or indirectly. And how you handle what shows up determines whether you’re happy…or not.

You may love or resent this statement, but either way it still holds true: you cannot control anyone else. And they cannot control you.  The sooner you learn to relinquish “control” over people and things, the sooner you’ll become happy and free.

It may seem easier to blame external influences for your unhappiness, but taking ownership empowers you to change your life. The blame game leaves you powerless and unhappy. Accepting the role of creator of your own life allows you to direct – or redirect as you see fit. You have a choice. And no matter what you choose to do with it, all is well.  You are always being guided and called on, there are no mistakes.

Life is good because you say so. No other reason needed. It’s that simple.

Each day that you choose to experience a happy life, you are more in alignment with your purpose here. And the closer you come to realigning with your Source Energy, your Soul, the easier it becomes to habitually make the choice to remain happy and free. Despite whatever the external world brings your way.

One choice is all it takes. One choice is all you need. It can be made in any moment and in every new moment. It’s simple yet impactful and powerful.

And the choice is to say… “Yes, I believe. Life is good. I am happy. I am free. And I solely own my experiences.”

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