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You CAn WIn

Hello Friends,

The book ’’You Can Win’’ is a really good one.

Shiv Khera has been very much motivating in this book.His experience shows all thru’ the book with a down to earth approach even for the most intricate problem.The book has a common sense appeal and induces the reader to refer to it again and again.This book is not the read and forget type but a kind of a construction manual helping the reader build his life into a successful and fulfilling one. The book makes one ponder on what his ultimate aim in life should be and how he is going to achieve it. One would realise while he is not expected to win every battle but the war has to be won.

The winner is always part of the answer and the loser is always part of the problem. If you want to succeed, double your failure rate. Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.

As Washington Irving said Great minds have purposes, others have wishes and Shiv goes on to explain Goals, Dreams, desires and fears ET all. As one goes back to the book again and again, he is bound to get more and more deeper insights into the author’s writing and try to incorporate at least some of them into his own life to lead him to the winner’s podium.

One important thing here is that we cannot easily implement the stuff told by him. They are very easy, interesting and motivating when we study but when it comes to the practical life implementing these will take hard work. But don’t forget hard work pays!


Winners don’t do different things
but they do things differently.

What do you think?

Written by pragnesh_lade


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