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WOOP – A simple four step rule that will help you to fulfill your wishes

During your childhood you dream of becoming a superman, an astronaut or as a world class legend player. But on the course of your life you will discover everything that you fantasize is not possible. Everything you are taught that you can achieve is not possible scientifically. Because everything has its own set of limitations.

Now you may wonder that what are the things or wishes that I can fulfil. How can I know those things might work for me if I put in work? To solve this question, you have to follow a simple 4 step WOOP system.

New York University professor Gabriele Oettingen has devised a simple 4 step scientific tool that will help you fulfilling your wishes. It will help you to attain those wishes that you visualise in your mind into practically achievable things. It is called WOOP system.

The word WOOP is an acronym for

  • W – WISH
  • P – PLAN

By using this four step simple tool you can achieve those wishes that are practically attainable in your life. All you need is 5 minutes of your day time to use this simple tool. It will help you to make a better plan for the day and make you more productive.


The first thing you have to do is, you have to select a wish that is practically attainable and it should be more important and challenging


The second thing is visualizing the outcome. Visualizing the best possible outcome, you will get by fulfilling your wish.


The third thing is finding the obstacles that are preventing you from fulfilling the wish. Find those obstacles that are internally stopping you from attaining that dream say it your excuses, your procrastination, your shyness etc.


Final step is to make an action plan to resolve those obstacles that are preventing you from fulfilling the wish. Its more of a behavioral act. You cannot control the external obstacles. All you can do is how you can act if you are hit by an external circumstance. It’s an if-then process. If this happens then I will react like this.

By using the scientific tool, you can achieve those small realistic things you want to on a daily basis. During the course of long-term it is those small things that you achieve daily will make you more productive and helps you to organize into a person who you want to be.

You can download WOOP app on your smartphone by clicking on here

WOOP tutorials

The Four Steps of WOOP from WOOPmylife Toolbox on Vimeo.

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