Why did Hitler lose the world war ?

One reason Hitler lost World War II was that he did not fully understand
the situation. Bearers of bad news were punished. Soon no one dared tell him
the truth. Not knowing the truth, he could not act appropriately.

Many of us are individually guilty of the same error. We do not like to
admit to ourselves our mistakes, errors, shortcomings, or ever admit we have
been in the wrong. And because we will not see the truth, we cannot act

Someone has said that it is a good exercise to daily admit one painful fact
about ourselves to ourselves.

Look for and seek out true information concerning yourself, your problems,
other people, or situation, whether it is good news or bad news.

Adopt the motto – “It doesn’t matter who’s right, but what’s right.”

Admit your mistakes and errors but don’t cry over them. Correct them and go
forward. In dealing with other people try to see the situation from their
point of view as well as your own. *

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