Where is the love…

Where is the love…
Where is the love…

Where is the love??

Where is the love??
Once upon a time we were young and innocent. We were true. We were honest. We were pure. But as we know that time and tide waits for none. The vicious circle of life started moving forward leaving our childhood behind. Leaving behind the heart that understood the language of love. The mind which was unaware of jealousy and hatred had now knowingly or unknowingly breed in them hatred and jealously. Initially we developed ego then we became egocentric and now we are on the verge of becoming egomaniacs. Look what we have become? Where we have landed? We have a closet full of masks. Various faces for various people for various situations. Masking our true self behind it. And we are happy that we are successful in hiding our true identity, our original self.

Friends! What are friends today? They are like enemies with secret identities! What are relations? Relations are false interpretations. In Hindu mythology it is said that we are lucky that we are born as human! But we are being gripped by an epidemic throughout the world. Which is transforming us drastically from “humane” to hu-“mean” and we proclaim that we are advancing leaps and bounds? We have reached the moon and are on the way to reach mars. We have cloned animals and on the way to clone humans. We boost of having solved mysteries of nature and we assure that all the remaining questions would be answered soon. We worship various gods. We follow various religions. We read different holy books. We attend religious lectures and seminars . But what for? Are we following what religion wants us to follow? To do well. To treat everyone with respect. To help all human beings and nature. To spread love. To be miles away from negative virtues. Or are we trying to fool the world and above all OURSELVES.
Our technology may have grown rapidly but our hearts are shrinking. We have reached the moon but we are not able to reach the hearts of our near and dear ones. We have discovered galaxies but we have not been able to discover our true selves. We have advanced leaps and bounds in technology. But have we taken a few steps to make this world a better place to live in. Have we proved ourselves to be good enough to be humans? We have mobiles all around and we can talk to people thousands of kilometer away but can we hear the pain and cry of the under privileged and needed near by
Where have we lost ourselves? Where is the joy of sharing?
Where is the feeling of caring?
Where is the love..

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Written by arun_pandit


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