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Video On Keys To Self Motivation by Les Brown

A dog can’t be anything but a dog, a tree can’t be anything but a tree. Human being you’ve got unlimited potential, you can put effort on you, and by concentrating on you and developing you, you can transform your life no matter where you are right now.

Stop Settling

Most people settle, What have you settled for lately? You know when you make an out of court settlement that means that you have decided to take something less than you originally wanted to get had you gone in to court and the reason that you’ve settled outside of court is because you didn’tbelieve that you could get it. Many of us are making an ‘In life Settlement’. We are settling for less than what we actually deserve. We don’t feel good about it but we make it work in our minds.

Les Brown describes 11 ways to motivate yourself.

1. Work Toward Self Mastery
You must work on yourself continuously. That’s the greatest ability human beings have over any other living thing on earth. A dog can’t be anything but a dog, A tree can’t be anything but a tree. You have unlimited potential. How do you work on yourself? Read books that inspire you. Listen to motivating audio. The best time for listening is in the morning when your subconscious is most receptive.

2. Develop a Health Plan
You can’t feel well and do well if you don’t have good health. Respect your body because you are worth it. It is the only vehicle that you have to carry you through this life.

3. Live with Passion and Energy
You want to make a conscious effort to be lively! Stay away from negative people. Smile. You’ve got a lot to be thankful for. How passionate and energized you are affects how much you will accomplish and how well you can do it.

4. Monitor Your Inner Conversation
Take charge of your inner voice. Watch out for self-doubt. When it pops up don’t listen.

5. Know What You Want
You need to know! Be specific because as you become aware of exactly what you want your subconscious will start to align you with that which you want. Take the time to write it down on a card and keep it with you. Writing is a definite exercise that engages the subconscious mind. Then, read it morning, noon, and night. Reading causes you to focus and concentrate on what you want! When doubt creeps in, and your mind wants to tell you want you can’t do, this practice will help you focus and discipline your thinking towards positivity. You are powerful. You are a miracle worker. The self-doubt inner conversation that you have has conditioned you to forget this.

6. Visualize
How will you feel when you make it? See yourself beyond your circumstances, with the challenge already resolved.

7. You Got to Have Purpose
Write down 5 reason why you deserve your goal. When self-doubt creeps in to tell you that you can’t, you can read your 5 reasons and remember why you can. Life is tough sometimes. It will take you through challenging moments. You need a purpose to help you push through the hard times.

8. Go For Mastery
You want to find something that you are so passionate about, that you could work all day on it and love it. Part of self motivation is finding something that gives you a strong sense of competence where you develop a reputation for your skill. You aren’t competing with anyone but yourself because as long as you are being the best you can be, you are happy.

9. Be Relentless
Know that you will hit road bumps on your path. You’ve got to decide to be fearless and go all out.

10. Take Action Now!
You can’t wait for the ideal situation. Truth is, there will never be an ideal situation. Lots of people never take chances and say “I’ll believe it when I see it.” The successful person knows that “if you believe it, you can see it.” It might seem unreasonable, but you’ve got to be unreasonable to get unreasonable results.

11. Find a Cause Larger Than Yourself
Find something that you can contribute to, something you can make a difference in because being able to give back is one of the most powerful motivators. You develop a larger sense of mission by engaging in this kind of activity and it drives you. It’s so strong, you don’t need an alarm clock. It gives you a sense of power.



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Written by Shiva Sai Teja

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