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[Video] Inspiring Story Of How A Kid With Complete Disability Won The Voice Child 2016 Of Russia

Danil Pluzhnikov won the show “The Voice. Children” on the basis of viewers’ sms-voting.In the final competition of Daniel sang a rock ballad Russian rock band “Kipelov” “I am free”.

Danil Pluzhnikov ( 14 years, Sochi) – disabled child diagnosed with dysplasia spondiloepifizarnaya upper and lower limbs, metaphyseal dysplasia, achondroplasia. He engaged in music, vocals. With 11 years of speaking at the international competitions. During the first year he collected 11 awards.

His body is damaged but the spirit is strong. He has many interests in life, He does lots of exercises to keep his muscles toned so he will not use his crutches all the time. He’s fingers don’t have bones but he is learning how to plays keyboard. Some say he won out of pity. There were kids with stronger voices in the competition, but it is much more than just singing. It is victory of Spirit over the circumstances. The disability was a big taboo in Russia. In the previous times the invalids were removed from the streets of Moscow for aesthetic reasons. But things have changed. Daniel is now loved by millions. He has this serious, grown-up look in his eyes, his pain is always there, but still, he is resilient, strong and very motivated little man. And this song is perfect match. He is such an inspiration for many!

Despite Of his small stature (the boy suffers from a congenital disease and uses crutches to get around), loves to dance. “My small stature I did not interfere in everyday life. I realized and started being able to treat that suffer this disease”, – quotes the talented child contest website. Daniel got used to the fact that some even refer to it negative: “I don’t care I am what I am” – he said.

For “blind auditions” the boy chose the song of Oleg Gazmanov “Two eagles”.

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Written by Shiva Sai Teja

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