Unleash Your Champion Within

When you wake up in the morning, express gratitude for another day.

you are a champion

You came into this world with unlimited potential; don’t waste it on pursuits that fail to fill your mind, satisfy your heart and increase your character.

Don’t base your value upon the flawed perspective of others. Your worth is divine, it is pure and you do not need approval to throw off the shackles of expectation and fly free from fear, insecurity and doubt.

Listen to your heart; our noisy, busy society is far too loud and if we are not careful we can lose our ability to hear the greatest source of inspiration and direction available: our own soul.

Love what you see in the mirror; you are beautifully unique and no other being in the universe can take your place.

Tell your fears to go to Hell. Stop letting what might happen keep you from achieving the things you came into this world to achieve. Do not go quietly into that good night, but live your life with thunderous bravado that fills the whole world and inspires others to reach for the stars.

Break down walls; the walls around your heart and the walls that others build to protect themselves.

Talk more and text less; visit often, stop by for no reason and treat every human interaction as if it were a celebration of life because you never know what that person is going through.

Rise when you fall; and you will fall. We all do. Get up, brush off the dust, wipe away the blood and stare down life with a spark in your eye and a chip on your shoulder because while life owes you nothing, it can give you everything if you work hard enough and smart enough for it.

Forgive yourself for mistakes, because we are all still learning and fall short. Forgive yourself and set your spirit free from the bondage of shame and guilt for they serve no one, not even God.

Forgive others. People are often difficult because of their own insecurity, greed, selfishness, and narrow-minded views; love them anyway. They may carry tremendous wounds and pains of the heart that cannot be seen and perhaps your love can heal more than any doctor’s medicine.

Love is more powerful than any law and more effective than any weapon. We talk about renewable and sustainable energy, but we must never forget that love is the most efficient energy source of all. It is truly “green” and will change the earth in ways we cannot even imagine.

Life is too short for judgment, so love freely. If you only love the lovable, then those who need love the most will be those who receive it the least.

Let your light shine so brightly that the whole planet discovers their own illumination.

And no matter what storms approach the shores of your existence, stand strong and be at peace, for life has taught me that there is always hope.

Change the world.

What do you think?


Written by Shiva Sai Teja

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