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Unchain Your Mind | Be Inspired

Unchain Your Mind | Be Inspired

Unchain Your Mind | Be Inspired

A problem is a situation where you can either bow to it and get surrounded by fear or you can take it up and rise out of the situation and become more successful with your life. This video by Beinspired shows the mindset to conquer those situations which conquer you.

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Unchain Your Mind | Be Inspired

80% of success is psychology, 20% is the mechanics. 

The problem is most people live in their heads.

They have their dream, they have their goal, they get hyped up about it.

They get fearful about it.

And they just don’t execute.

I like something Les Brown said once.

He said:

“There are losers and there are people who have not yet learned how to win.”

My question to you is this:

Which one are you?

Are you a loser?

Or are you still learning how to win?

If you’re a loser, it doesn’t mean that you are less than.

It could mean that you’ve gotten really good at quitting.

It could mean that you’ve gotten really comfortable ending your race before the finish line.

You have your reasons for not finishing and I’ve had mine too.

But, right here and right now, the question is:

Do you want to win?

Self-discipline separates people from success and not being successful.

I’ve never met a person who is not successful.

That didn’t have a great amount of self-discipline within their life.

Self-discipline and being able to perform and being able to keep your life on schedule.

And being able to keep commitments and promises and meet deadlines.

Is essential to success!

Look, if you wanna get rich, you wanna be really successful.

When I say rich I’m not talking about money, I’m talking about a rich life.


Time with family.


Get to do what you want.

See, this is what people did.

They set a target.

Remember when you’re a kid and you set targets who are big, giant?

Had nothing to do with reason?

They were giant, right?

And then you had some difficulty getting to it and somebody said what?

Dude, your goals are unrealistic.

You need to drop your goals down.

And add 40 years.

And end up with nothing.

Certainly not congruent with your potential.

None of us can afford to have a life that is controlled by someone else.

Or a life that is basically controlled by our emotions.

I learned many years ago that there are two kinds of people.

There’s the type of person who says: “I’m gonna wait till I feel like it before I do it.”

And then there’s the person who says: “I gotta do it so that I feel like it.”

One will never get anything done because they still waiting to feel the moment to move.

And the other person says: “No! I need to move and then I will begin to feel the moment.”

Most people have strategies available.

Or they can get them or you could create them.

But the problem is you’ve got a story.

And your story is why it isn’t working.

And the story is: “I’ve tried everything.”

If you tried everything, you’d been fit.

If you tried everything, you’d be profitable.

There’s always a story.

And what I tell people is:

“If you can just divorce the story of your limitation and marry the truth of your unlimited capacity, then the whole game changes.”

Most of us, in our life, are trying to make a 10% improvement.

And we know this.

This is…

“I’m trying to increase my revenue by 10%.”

“I’m trying to increase my sales by 10%.”

“Save 10% more.”

Whatever it truly is, we all have this sort of biting into us by life and by the rest of the universe, that you can make these small incremental improvements.

But the fact that matter is that there are those in the world that go 10 times bigger.

And you…every one of us can be that.

I would say to you that is your duty, your obligation, and your responsibility to fulfill your potential.

And that that’s actually what success is.

Success is not money.

The simplest thing is: get crazily hungry for something.

We all know it.

And you get so hungry, so desirous, your brain starts coming up with answers.

And then it’s massive action but an effective execution.

Which is all modeling.

Which I assume this is about.

Find the best example.

Compress the time.

Let someone else take 20 years to figure it out.

You do it in two weeks or two months.

Even if you have no idea how to solve it, no idea how to get there, you’ll be amazed at what you come up with.

And what’s interesting is: our legacy, our past, anchors us to where we are today.

And you have to let go of that.

You truly have to let go of all the stuff in your past, what you’ve thought you’ve done.

The infrastructure that you’ve built.

To let yourself go.

We are not our feelings.

We are not our patterns.

Those are things we might identify with or not.

So when I see a pattern that doesn’t work, I don’t think the person is broken.

And I don’t think anybody’s broken.

I’m not here to fix people.

But I am here to break out the patterns that don’t work.

I might be wrong in what I say, okay?

I might be wrong in the things that I do in my life and the business that I started.

My family told me not to start every business that I’ve been involved in.

Every one of them.

Every one of them was a risk.

Every one of them had to take a chance.

I remember my mom used to tell me:

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you!”

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you!”

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you!”

I’m like:

“Mommy, you wouldn’t do anything!”

Well, you wouldn’t do anything except being the mother, a great-mother to five children.

My mother wasn’t an entrepreneur.

She didn’t have my dreams.

Just because she’s my mom, doesn’t mean she dreams like me.

My mom was wrong about everything she told me not to do.

Love my mom to death.


Unbelievable friend of mine, she was wrong.

I needed to do those things, okay?

Steven Jobs needed to build this phone.

Would you agree?

Did he helped a lot of people?

Did he make some money while he was doing it?

119 billion dollars in five years.

Have the conversation with the person that’s holding you back.

The reason most people who are listening right now are not doing that thing is they’re worried about the opinion of somebody.

Usually, their mother.

Usually, their father.

And the reality is that your spouse may be the person holding you back and you have to have that conversation.

We have to get to a place where you’re doing you because the number one thing that scares the f*** out of me is regret.

And you’re gonna sit there 72 and you’re gonna say: “I wish! I wish! I wish!”

It’s looking at yourself in the mirror and saying like: “Am I doing this right?”

So, to me, there are so many people that are talking s**t.

About how big of an entrepreneur they’re gonna be.

And how much they’re gonna achieve.

And they don’t work on weekends.

You know, I’ve worked every Saturday of my twenties.

And I talk to 20 years old entrepreneurs every single day.

Lately I’ve been saying to them:

This Saturday you’re going to have more time off that I’ve had in my entire twenties on a Saturday.

So, before you tell me how you’re gonna be bigger than me, start thinking about what you’re actually doing.

Ask yourself:

Am I practicing self-discipline in my life?

Am I doing the things that I should do because I need to do them?

Or am I kinda waiting to feel the moment?

Make a damn schedule!

And stick to it.

It’s not a bloody prison.

That’s the first thing that people do wrong.

They say: Well, I don’t like to have to follow a schedule.

I was like: Well, what kind of a schedule are you setting up?

“Well, I have to do this, then I have to do this, then I have to do this.”

“You know, and then I just go play video games because who wants to do all these things that I have to do?”

Wrong! Set the damn schedule up!

So that you have the day you want.

You are what you consistently do.

If you look at your calendar, you look at what you’re doing on a daily regular basis, that is what it’s gonna determine your future path.

So, if you eat one chocolate bar, but the rest of your day is pretty healthy, you’re gonna be a healthy person.

But if you’re eating junk and more junk and then pizza and then Burger King and more burgers and more junk afterwards,

and then you eat one piece of broccoli, this means you’re not going to be healthy.

Working out once won’t make a big difference for you.

Working out three times a week or working out every day, you’ll see changes in your life.

You are what you consistently do.

Wanna be in the game?


The average American reads one book a year.

The top CEOs in America read five books a month.

60+ books a year.

But immerse yourself with books, audio, video daily, okay?

You hit all three of those.

Well, I’m reading something, listening to something and watching something.

These are completely different ways to learn.

Find YouTube Channels that are good for you.

If you work your ass off, you’re totally focused, you’re trying to serve something larger than yourself,

and you really are executing what works, you need a little grace.

You might wanna call it luck if you prefer, God, the Universe,

but it’s there!

And we gotta all achieve.

But, I think the more important skill, if you ask me, is to have an extraordinary life as the art of fulfillment.

And it’s an art.

It’s not a science.

Because, there’s a science to making money.

I don’t care who you are if you do certain things, you’re going to have too much financial stress.

If you do other things, you’re gonna have an abundance.

There’s a science.

There’s a science to your body.

Everyone is biochemically different, different genome, but there are certain fundamental patterns.

And if you and I follow them, we’re going to have tons of energy in a field.

But if you break them, you’re gonna pay the price and have low energy or disease.

But, fulfillment is an art.

What’s gonna fulfill you is different than the other person next to you.

You’re not gonna learn that from anybody else.

You gotta find it. Cause SUCCESS without FULFILLMENT is the ultimate FAILURE!

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Written by Shiva Sai Teja

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