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Tripping Mountain : Kinnaur facing Deforestation

Tripping Mountains Kinnaur facing Deforestation

Tripping Mountain : A revolution in Kinnauri video song.

Tripping Mountain is one of the best Kinnauri videos we have come across.

Truly a great composition!

This video is all about deforestation in mountains.

Teaser of Tripping Mountain

In addition, it expresses the true feeling of Kinnauri people towards our mother nature, and how to promote Kinnaur with the power of music.

Majestic mountains, green valleys, meandering rivers, orchards, and vineyards define the valley of Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh.

Kinnaur is also known as the ‘Land of fairytales’ and remains snow-clad for six months, quite like Spiti and Lahaul.

Deforestation at Kinnaur

Kinnaur is currently undergoing a set of complex and dynamic changes.

The extinction of green forests illustrates the area’s social and economic transitions of economic and environmental change.

Moreover, there are certain practices that exploit resources while producing waste and pollution, harming the environment and human health.

And in the case of Kinnaur, these practices illustrate the unsustainable and unplanned infrastructure development.

It further includes the unplanned expansion of buildings and hydroelectric projects on fragile mountains.

Also the rapid development of a tourism industry that utilizes precious resources all of which contribute to deforestation.

When it comes to development like road facilities it may benefit some people in the short-term for quick and easy access to hills

However, Rampant widening of roads that pass through fragile mountains is leading to slope instability, irreparable damage to the economy, and increased risk of landslides.

Tripping Mountains Kinnaur facing Deforestation

Landslide Unleashes Fury

Himachal: 9 killed, 3 injured after a massive landslide destroyed bridge in Kinnaur District on 25th July 2021

So, instead of exploiting the natural habitat for achieving our commercial objectives.

In conclusion, we should take concrete initiatives against the evil practices of forest degradation in order to save our mother nature as well as to preserve our tribal culture.

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