To Be A Hero!!

To Be A Hero!!
To Be A Hero!!

Life goes on
Somebody dies
And somebody is born
Right through ages
Come night or dawn

People meet
And drift away
Just like a glacier fleet
Human rigidity tested
Turned to water fluid

Roads converge
Into happy destinations
And sometimes deluge
But always some fork
Leads to a hopeful refuge

Glass windows broken
By noise, stones, pebbles
Leaving the soul inside shaken
But still tread your path
Building again what was broken

See the halo
No, it’s not outside
Deep inside it will glow
Because you have risen
From ashes to be a hero

—-Gauri Kanyalkar—–

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    Written by Gauri Kanyalkar

    A closet writer, I have rediscovered my passion for writing some time back, and hope time has not already run out! What I lack for in experiences gained from travelling the world, I think, I more than make up through experiences gained from people interactions. My blogs are an attempt to synchronize the modern-day information boom era with the more elevated world of spirituality – of course as I see it!! May not always conform to readers’ views, but then all of us are entitled to their kaleidoscope and each one is right seen from individual perspectives. Some readers have already called my blogs cryptic! All in all, I find writing extremely therapeutic and it gives me immense satisfaction, it signifies my time spent for myself!

    "Not Giving Up" is the most courageous thing anyone does and I sincerely hope you like my posts on "Dont Give Up". Hope you like my posts and I would love to hear from you.

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