These GIFs Of People Playing Pranks On People Prove That Karma Is Indeed Everything

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction; but when karma is in the play, the reaction is more than the action and not at all opposite.

When someone hurts you, it often takes you days or months to take revenge or get justice, unlike karma, that takes no shit and instantly shows you how it feels.

People in these GIFs fit perfectly for the saying, “You reap what you sow.”One can evidently see how they reaped, much faster and painful than their expectations.

Take a look at these GIFs and remember that Karma is a bitch!

1.When you knee to taste the karma.

When you taste Karma@ dontgiveupworld2.Sliding down the karma lane.
Sliding down the Karma lane@dontgiveupworld
3.Karma hitting in the balls.
Karma sitting in the balls@dontgiveupworld
4.Karma now hitting with the ball.
Karmanos hitting with the ball@dontgiveupworld
5.No one is stronger than karma.
No one is stronger than the Karma@dontgiveupworld
6.Never ask for it.
Never ask for it@dontgiveupworld
7.Leg for a leg.
Leg for a leg@dontgiveupworld
8.It’s a cycle after all.
It's a cycle after all@dontgiveupworld
9.Karma will hurt, but will also leave you in splits.
Karma will hurt but will leave you in splits@dontgiveupworld
10.And the ball, again!
And the ball again@dontgiveupworld
11.Told you before, karma hits harder than you think.
Karma hits harder than you think@dontgiveupworld
12.And it always turns back.
And it always comes back@dontgiveupworld
13.And sometimes rolls back at you.And sometimes rolls back at you@dontgiveupworld14.Last and important: Karma spares no one.

Karma spares No one@dontgiveupworld

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Written by Shiva Sai Teja

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