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THE SECRET…….by Rhonda Byrne

‘The Secret‘ deals with positive thinking.The law of attraction talks about how you can attract an object, a situation or a person into your life.

The human mind is very powerful.It can make you or break you.
In the section ‘The Secret To You‘ the authors talk about how the universe and the conscious principle(our soul) are not different from one another.

Everybody has their own way of dealing with life’s situations.No matter which way, we all know how important it is to be positive.
If you believe that there are powers in this world that exist, even if not visible to the naked eye.You believe that there is magic/supreme power out there that is the cause of our existence.You will understand what ‘the secret‘ is about.

Though it isn’t that easy to do exactly as mentioned in the book, In tough situations of life, they may not be so helpful.But the author of the secret has shown how to truly use the Law of Attraction!

The Book Is all About: What you think, you get. And That turns out to be so true in most situations!
We think About our debts, we suffer more, but we blame it all on our luck. But the truth is, it’s all based on our ‘mind’. Cuz our mind, controls everything we’re going through in life.

According to the writer itself- “When you think in harmony with the frequency of something, you attract it to you. If you think about wealth, you will receive wealth
Read it and believe in it and it will surely just turn your life around but only if you IMPLEMENT.

What do you think?

Written by pragnesh_lade


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