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The Lineup by BuddyBits : Web-series on Open Mic Poetry

The Lineup by BuddyBits
The Lineup by BuddyBits

The Lineup by BuddyBits

First Episode : Backstage

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We find out that Zainab is attending her very first poetry open mic event and meets Shayantan and Anand at the event.

Shayantan and Anand are both experienced artists in the poetry circuit.

Zainab is insanely nervous about her first performance but so is Shayantan, only in another timeline.

They are both comforted by a warm but riddled conversation with a stranger.

Watch this Episode to know who that stranger is and what are their magic words.

This episode takes a deep dive into the world of poetry and comes out with both, Dolphins and Sharks. Watch and find out as we follow the stories of Zainab, Shayantan, and Anand.

The Lineup by BuddyBits

A BuddyBits Original Web-series

Produced By Nishit Jariwala

Directed By Anushka Parashar

Written By Utsav Sarkar

Executive Producer Kuldeep Kushwaha


Utsav Sarkar

Ayushi Gupta

Prasad Mali

Sumit Sanghamitra

Ayush Nathani

Komal Chhabria

Harnam Singh

Dev Shah

Manuj Bhaskar

Creative Producers Nishit Jariwala Utsav Sarkar Anushka Parashar

Director of Photography Pradeep Vignavelu

Editor Rahul Yadav

Original Score Designer Ankush Gupta

Sound Designer Aditya Thakkar

2nd Unit Director of Photography Karan Gurbaxani

Music Album Lyricist, Singer & Composer Baksheesh Singh

Associate Director Dave Deohans

1st Assistant Director Shubham Mandge

Assistant Directors

Dushyant Shendurnikar

Pradeep Kumar Ghosh

Daksh Chhabra

Reuben Cherian

Sohail Khan

Art Director Anushka Parashar

Costume Stylists

Sakshie Sudhir

Limaye Umme

Aiman Scentwala

Colorist Darshit Gupta

VFX Rishabh Malhotra

Marketing Nishit Jariwala

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