The Guideline of Life, A Review

The Guideline of Life
The Guideline of Life - A review


The Guideline of Life
The Guideline of Life - A review

The Guideline of Life” , The title itself summarizes what you are going to get in it. Yes these are simple guidelines that a person can easily follow to be successful in life. While you read through the book you start feeling like a part of the characters or some may be able to see their alter ego in the characters.

If it is told to you that this is Author’s Debut writing, you may not believe it. The young author has used all the wisdom he has gained so far by reading or by his experience in life. If you find it difficult to read those high volume inspirational books by great authors, this simple and compact book will serve you all the purposes. It will save you all your precious time and will keep you interested and further help you lead a good life. This book is not just for the people who are feeling down and keep getting the low feelings. This book is not intended for any particular set of audience. In fact the book can be read by Parents who want their children to have a bright future, by the Children who wish to pursue their dreams and make their parents proud, by the People who feel their life to be miserable at the moment or by the people who are leading a good life but want to make it better.

 The language used in the book is very simple. The vocabulary used is simple as well. It clearly states the aim of the book i.e. to inspire and improve the lives of the people and not to bamboozle them with the author’s language skills. But the essence of book has been maintained such that it interests both advanced readers and basic readers. The examples used in the book are general life examples and makes every sense in the context.

The other notable feature of the book is the use of quotations. The wise sayings of the great men have been presented very effectively. Each quotation concludes a certain situation explained in the book and further explains the meaning of it in a person’s life.

The flow of ideas and thought process of the author demonstrated in the book indicates a great beginning. The source of inspiration of the book opens with the teachings being served to a Child who is thought by everyone to be incapable in doing anything. Afterwards there is an entry of a young man who has been very successful in life following the same preaching. Then finally it concludes with an old man who is yet to be old. The old man is following the cycle and is further teaching a young man.

 This is one of the best way inspiration should flow. It should flow very simple and should influence everyone who comes in contact with it. But most importantly it should spread, just like it will do through this book.

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Written by Vaibhav


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