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The Fear Of Failure

Failure is a funny thing. We all experience it every now and then.

Actually the more you fail, the better. But hopefully you keep your failures small.

“Fail often but small” — Unknown

However,it’s not the failure that stops us from doing great things, it’s actually the “fear of failure”

Fear of failure@dontviveupworld

So whatever happens, just don’t let the fear of failure stop you from making progress.

It’s hard .. its easier said than done but let’s try this.

Next time, we face “fear of failure”, let’s do this

1 — Acknowledge that you have a fear of something (whatever it may be)

2 — Tell it (your fear) that you wold like to continue anyways

Failure is always one of the potential outcomes. But so what?

If you fail, you can always try again 🙂

But if you let the “fear of failure” keep you from making progress, you will stay average and that would kinda suck!

Being average@dontgiveupworld

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