Introspective article : That’s not real to me by Arun Pandit

That’s not real to me….

The theme of the past year was “celebration of Indian freedom struggle”
From P.T.U. zonal festival to other cultural and technical functions. Various seminars were conducted on the freedom movement and freedom heroes .the most prominent of them was Shaheed Bhagat Singh. People got to know about where he was born, his life and other such details.
People started dressing like him .wearing turbans, kurta pajamas. Chanting slogans of freedom struggle. Taking out rallies and what not! But what we forgot to do was the most important of all. We can eat like him. Talk like him. Walk like him. Look like him. We can be the next best replica to him but we cannot be quite like him. It’s not his appearance or his bio-data that we should go for. High decibel chanting of his slogans are worthless if we do not understand the meaning behind it, the passion the patriotism and the moving force behind it. His ultimate devotion to do anything and everything to free mother India. His courage to go beyond limits and challenging the odds. And that’s why the name Bhagat Singh has become immortal and he will be remembered till eternity.
But when we talk with each other a common saying is that “what will happen of this country?” Just observe “this country?” not “our country”. We go to foreign countries and throw trash in dustbins not on roads but when we are in India we do the opposite. The nation is not chunk of land separated from others. A nation is not a name! A nation is what the people of a nation are. It’s our attitude that determines our nation’s future. It is India that we carry in our heart, soul and each and every activity we do. There are two ways of living life. One is to sit quite like mute spectators or to get up and take responsibility to change what is wrong.

The question that arises is that: everyone loves a martyr! But would you like to be one.
If we are asked how many of you would like to die for the country? Then probably all of us would say “yes”. But we forget that the war is not won by dieing but by making sure that the enemy dies.
Today situations have changed and our real enemy is not Pakistan etc but our real enemies are corruption, poverty, illiteracy, population etc. and unless and until we nip the evil in the bud we cannot call our self free in real sense. Remember freedom is not free. If we do not act now then we may loose our independence again. Not ruled by another country but by our real enemies like population, poverty, illiteracy etc.
It’s upon us t decide whether we wake up from hibernation and take responsibility now or be responsible for what will happen later.

What do you think?

Written by arun_pandit


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