Article /Read -Take a break, before it’s too late… By Nisandeh Neta

Hey, my friend. Got a minute?
Yeah, yeah I know.
You probably haven’t had a spare minute since high school.
That’s the subject I wish to explore today.

For many years, I used to be fanatically busy myself.
My preoccupation with endless activity was a large part of my act as ‘Mr. Busy-Important’.

This frenzy kept me preoccupied, thus at a safe distance from some of the ‘minor’ issues in my life…

… Issues such as feeling angry, frustrated, and under nourished…

The people that play the same game are numerous.

Sadly, I discovered that it’s more than a game – it’s an addiction.
A socially accepted addiction to utilize, whenever you wish to avoid looking at the things in your life that are not working the way you wish them to work.

What happens when you keep running without pausing to ask, “where am I running” and “why am I running there?”

Whether physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or any combination thereof.

You don’t need the official label of ‘workaholic’.
Instead, you may be a busy full-time mother, an over stimulated pensioner, or an over worked college or university student.

Constantly, trying to balance your life between work, family and your own needs, can become an unconscious tactical maneuver.
As you rush from one task to another, juggling problems as you go, it becomes much easier to forget. Or, to be more accurate, difficult to remember that you are a human being, not a human doing.

If you find this scenario an uncomfortable reminder of your life, it’s high time to do something good for yourself.

Better yet, do something bad – something naughty…

Spend a little more than you budgeted.
Eat something rich and assassinate your diet.
Pamper yourself with a visit to the sauna or spa.
Discover your inner self.
Then go ahead and leave it with the kids while you go and have some fun.

Only you control your destiny.
You make it happen, let it go or simply change it.
If you want something different in your life, what are you doing to achieve it?

Make time to take time…

Arrange your schedule with the realization that although your work may be important, it is not your whole life.
You are visiting this life for a while.
Don’t wait until you retire to have a little fun and relaxation.
Remember that you have family and friends who care about you and would like to spend time with you.
Take time off for recreation and exercise, to be alone to evaluate your life, and to enjoy a quiet moment.

It’s important for your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health to take breaks.

I’ve just came back from two residential workshops I led back-to-back.
Usually, I would spend all my time being (‘looking’) busy.

I would lead the sessions, control all the things around, talk to everybody during the breaks, evaluate the last session, plan the next session, and if I wouldn’t find anything important to do I’d be busy judging what I did wrong until now and worrying about what might go wrong next.

After a few days of working like this I’d be totally exhausted and need a few days to recuperate.

This time I chose to do it differently.

I led the sessions. I delegated the external tasks (food, cleaning, preparing, etc…) to others. I was available to whoever wished to talk with me, but didn’t initiate it all the time. I took a nap break every now and then. And as a session was over, I made a short, objective evaluation, a quick plan for the next session and that was it.

For the rest I was ‘busy’ playing ball in the swimming pool, sweating in the sauna and acknowledging myself for what I’ve created.

The result?

I had so much fun.
I came home satisfied and tired, but not exhausted.
I met the participants on a much more personal level, as I dropped this seriousness mask that I used to wear when I was acting as ‘Mr. Busy-Important’.
And the day after, I was jumping up-and-down all day feeling yippee.

It was a good lesson, as I discovered (again) that being effective doesn’t mean I should get serious about it.
Seriousness alone is valueless and disease-oriented…

Take Time for Yourself. Have fun. Play around. Enjoy…

Maybe that’s what life is all about…

Article by: Nisandeh Neta, founder of Open Circles, an international center for personal-growth and leadership.

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Written by ritikagupta


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