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Nisar Ahmed Athlete with parents@dontgiveupworld

Usain Bolt this name needs no introduction to the persons in the sprinter world. He’s one of the best that the game had. But training in the club where Bolt trains is dream for many sprinters. Here’s one guy from slum of Bada Bagh in Azadpur area of Delhi made that possible with his grit and determination. Born in a …

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Inspiring Success Story of Anil Agarwal – Founder and Chairman of Vedanta Resources

Born on the 24th of January 1954; Anil Agarwal – the self-made billionaire, with a personal net worth of $2 Billion is the proud Founder and Chairman of Vedanta Resources. Very few are aware that he, in actuality controls Vedanta indirectly through Volcan Investments, which is a holding company and has a 61.7% stake in the business. From a trader …

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Demonetisation : Heartwarming Stories Of Help From Across The Country

The past couple of weeks have been very stressful for everyone. Despair and dejection have been a common theme. Amidst all the chaos, we heard some wonderful and heartwarming instances of people coming forward to help those waiting for their turn in long queues for hours at banks and ATMs. Here are some of these uplifting incidents. The Sikh community …

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Inspirational Story : IAS Officer Jaiganesh Happily Took Up Waiter’s Job

They say if you fail on your first attempt, try again until you succeed. This is what we must learn from IAS officer K Jaiganesh who did not give up until he achieved his dream through his unparalleled determination and perseverance. Earlier, Jaiganesh (29) worked at Satyam Cinemas issuing tickets for a monthly salary of Rs 3,000. But he soon realised that …

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From A Poor Farmer’s Son To A CEO & Motivational Speaker

  He authored books and sold it to pay his college fees Mr. Hemachandran is the CEO of Brand Avatar, a branding and event management firm and director of Celebrity Badminton League, which is an accomplishment in itself, but if you look at where he started, Mr. Hemachandran’s story could perhaps be one of the most inspiring stories you would …

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