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YourDost.com Online Emotional Support System by Richa , Satyajeet and Puneet

The pace of life these days has resulted in extra working hours, loneliness, stress, depression, confusions, unstable relationships and much more. Our Indian Society’s stand on psychological problems, lack of time, prevents us from seeking help. Studies have shown that Indians are among the worst sufferers of depression, with nearly 36 percent of the population having a major depressive episode, …

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A Glimpse into “Your D.O.S.T” with Co Founder Ms. Richa Singh , Alumunus IIT Guwahati

SAIL, IITG presents to you an exclusive interview of Ms. Richa Singh which throws light upon her highly successful startup “Your DOST”. Her name has been featured in the list of “7 ordinary Indians doing Extraordinary things” by Huffington Post. The interview emphasizes on the benefits of this website, the opportunities for college students and what our junta can avail …

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Anna Hazare Support India wallpaper

   Anna Hazare Support India wallpaper : Quote by Anna Hazare India has awakened…the slumber was broken byan alarm clock called Anna Hazare! For decades Anna fought for an anti-corruptionbill, Jan Lokapal Bill Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1333086 The government stonewalled for decades, evenarresting Anna and throwing him in prison… but the man fought on relentlessly. He started a’satyagraha’, meaning fighting …

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