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Meet Samia,She Never Gave Up On Her Dream To participate in the Rio Olympics 2016

A Dream cut short: For Somalian sprinter Samia Omar, who participated in the Olympics in 2008, had a dream of participating in the event again. She got drowned in the cold waters of Mediterranean in 2012, when she was just 21. Her dream, her aspiration was failed by humanity. In 2008, Omar ran the 200-meter race in Beijing Olympics. She …

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The Heartbreaking Of An Father Who Can’t Afford Shoes For His Gold Medal-Winning Sprinter Daughter

In what could be described as a hard-touching irony, Mangesh Mhaishune of Mumbai mends shoes for a living and his daughter Sayali sprints barefoot to win gold medals at school level. One of the best joys you could get as a schoolkid would be to come first in a sprint, be it 100-metre, 200m, 400m or 3000m. Sayali experienced this …

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