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Thought for the day – You #CAN and You #WILL #succeed in your Dreams….

Thought for the day – You #CAN and You #WILL #succeed in your Dreams , No matter Where you are. Your #Birth #doesn‘t decide your Fate , Your #Actionsdo. Meet 18 years old girl, “Yusra Mardini” participating in Rio Olympics in 2016 representing, “no country” Yusra not representing any country, she is representing the “Refugee Camp” Yes, you read it …

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Meet Dattu His Inspiring Journey From An Onion Farmer To The Waters Of Rio Olympics

If it weren’t so heartbreaking, this would be a funny story. Imagine this, if you will – there is this young 21-year-old onion farmer in a tiny village called Talegaon Rohi. The village is in one of the most drought-stricken areas of Maharashtra, the kind of place where farmer suicides are as routine as 45 deg C temperatures and accepted …

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