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Meet Dattu His Inspiring Journey From An Onion Farmer To The Waters Of Rio Olympics

If it weren’t so heartbreaking, this would be a funny story. Imagine this, if you will – there is this young 21-year-old onion farmer in a tiny village called Talegaon Rohi. The village is in one of the most drought-stricken areas of Maharashtra, the kind of place where farmer suicides are as routine as 45 deg C temperatures and accepted …

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Inspirational Story Of Somnath From Chaiwala To Brand Ambassador Of Maharashtra For Education

Somnath Giram, a  28-year-old tea seller from Pune, has been appointed as Maharashtra’s brand Ambassador for Education. Somnath, who is a son son of a farmer couldn’t gather enough funds for his to pursue his BCom and thus, in 2008, he left his hometown of Solapur and came to Pune. There he opened a small tea stall in Sadashiv Peth. …

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Tarun Gidwani Held One Placard You are Perfect from Pune to Estonia

From being given food by students who saw him standing hungry and tired at a street corner, to being threatened with a beating if he was ever seen again, Tarun Gidwani has seen people at their best and worst. His message to all, however, is: “You’re perfect.” Sometimes, you don’t need a lot of resources and grand plans to spread goodness …

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