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Meet Dattu His Inspiring Journey From An Onion Farmer To The Waters Of Rio Olympics


If it weren’t so heartbreaking, this would be a funny story. Imagine this, if you will – there is this young 21-year-old onion farmer in a tiny village called Talegaon Rohi. The village is in one of the most drought-stricken areas of Maharashtra, the kind of place where farmer suicides are as routine as 45 deg C temperatures and accepted …

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Inspirational Story Of Somnath From Chaiwala To Brand Ambassador Of Maharashtra For Education


Somnath Giram, a  28-year-old tea seller from Pune, has been appointed as Maharashtra’s brand Ambassador for Education. Somnath, who is a son son of a farmer couldn’t gather enough funds for his to pursue his BCom and thus, in 2008, he left his hometown of Solapur and came to Pune. There he opened a small tea stall in Sadashiv Peth. …

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Tina Malkani Gholap helped 5 unwanted puppies adopted by Lovely Homes


In July this year, my husband and I found ourselves facing a very serious situation with regards to the presence of five puppies in our residential society. Having helped in the adoption of over 30 puppies born within the society premises up till now, we had unfortunately reached a sudden stage where society dwellers were ready to pay off professional …

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Tarun Gidwani Held One Placard You are Perfect from Pune to Estonia


From being given food by students who saw him standing hungry and tired at a street corner, to being threatened with a beating if he was ever seen again, Tarun Gidwani has seen people at their best and worst. His message to all, however, is: “You’re perfect.” Sometimes, you don’t need a lot of resources and grand plans to spread goodness …

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