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Inspirational Story : I Tried To Commit Suicide And It Was The Worst Decision Of My Life

  “I was just three years old and I got high fever. Parents took me to the doctor, and as the fever was high so doctor gave me an Injection. We came back home and I slept for around some hours but then I couldn’t wake up, and my body wasn’t responding to me. I couldn’t move at all. Soon …

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Inspirational Story : Inseparable Bond Of Two Brothers , Both Crack IIT

  Two brothers, the younger brother Basant and elder brother Krishna went to school and IIT coaching together. The unique aspect is elder brother Krishna was polio-stricken and hence his younger brother would carry him to school and IIT coaching. Deservedly, both cleared IIT exams  and are awaiting admission. The brothers share an inseparable bond, both love and care for …

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