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Introspective Poem On The Fruits Of A Tree – A Punishment or Prize?

Introspective Poem On The Fruits Of A Tree - A Punishment or Prize?@dontgiveupworld

The tree The fruits of this tree breed knowledge A power A gift A blessing and a curse. The first to drive deep into it core Was infected yet cured. Given wisdom Filled with opinions and emotions Set in motion to build and destroy Construct and destruct The fibres that struck with ethics and such Shame, doubt, fear, courage, sin …

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(Video) Les Brown – It’s Possible

Les Brown is probably one of the best motivational speakers. He can magnetize people when he is speaking, but as always he didn’t become one of the best simply because he was talented or he had luck. Les Brown – It’s Possible speech is one of the most electrifying speeches. Les Brown – It’s Possible He came from a poverty-stricken …

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“It Couldn’t Be Done” A Motivational Poem By Edgar A. Guest

It Couldn’t Be Done, Life, and Don’t Quit are three of Edgar Albert Guest’s most inspiring and motivating poems. Edgar Albert Guest, known as the People’s Poet, was a prolific American poet born in Birmingham, England in 1881. He came to the United States with his family when he was 10 years old and went on to become a naturalized citizen …

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