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Inspiring Story Of Padma Awardee Subroto Das Who saved Lives Of People In Highway Accidents

In August 1999, Vadodara-based doctor Subroto Das‘s car hit a tree beside a highway in the dead of the night, leaving three persons injured. But help arrived only after a harrowing wait of nearly five hours. The helplessness that he and two of his co-travellers experienced on that day led to an initiative that has changed the way a highway …

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Meet Dinesh Who Left His Job To Educate Children And Empower Women …..

He could have lived a luxurious life and earned a lot of money, but this person who was born in a small village in Haryana had the first-hand experience with poverty. He believed that if we focus on the upliftment of women and children, a lot of positive changes can occur in the society. Dinesh Kumar Gautam, through his Drishti …

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Meet Prince Who Is Helping Mumbai Street Kids Enrol In Schools

Prince, who runs an NGO in Kandivali, Mumbai has enrolled 49 street children in English Medium Schools. Under the Western Express Highway at Kandivali, Mumbai, live street children, on an uneven ground scattered with pebbles, feathers and trash, horns blaring from all directions. Despite this chaotic environment, these kids are merry. This scene never caught the attention of passersby, but …

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tribal girl Asha From Madhya Pradesh Is All Set To Study In Oxford University, London

Defying all the economic and backwards conditions, a tribal girl Asha from Panna, Madhya Pradesh is all set to pursue a one month course in Oxford University, London. Panna district is in the Sagar City of Madhya Pradesh. It has dense forest and mostly the area is covered with jungle. In the midst of this forest is a village Janwar …

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Story Of Madhu Pandit Dasa An IITian Who Is Feeding One Million Hungry Children Everyday

“As a student at IIT, he once came close to committing suicide. Then, he discovered Krishna and embraced the spiritual path. As head of ISKCON Bangalore, he founded Akshaya Patra-A movement which combines a missionary zeal and modern management, to feed one million hungry children every day.” That one man whose initiative, it was to feed one million hungry children …

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From US Air Force To Teaching In Red Lights of Mumbai Here Is The Story Of Robin Chaurasiya

Robin Chaurasiya, founder of Kranti, will compete with teachers to win the $1-million Global Teacher Prize 2016. Robin began teaching after being forced to leave the US Air Force for being lesbian. Founded and teaches at Kranti, an NGO that empowers marginalised girls from Mumbai’s red-light area to become agents of social change. Kranti students have led workshops for more than …

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