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Sumitra Koluru From Karnataka ,Walks 10 Kms Every DayTo Teach Kids In A Far Village


Every 5th Of September we celebrate our teachers who molded us and made us into the responsible adults we are today. And if you recall all your school memories, there is that one teacher always stands out. They may not have been a favourite of the students, but no one could question their sincerity and dedication for teaching. One such …

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Karnataka Now Has India’s 1st Smokeless Village!


Adapted to their daily lifestyles, accustomed to the usage of firewood, air filled with carbon leading to bouts of cough, and cooking was an ordeal for the women of Vyachakurahalli till last week. Not just for Kannadigas but it’s a moment of pride for India as well after the petroleum ministry has officially declared Vyachakurahalli as India’s first smokeless village …

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