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Extract from a book: The Story of Naina Lal Kidwai

A young starry eyed girl once went to her father’s office. His father was the CEO of a reputed insurance company. Her father left her alone in a room and went out for a meeting. Those days there were no computers and the little girl did not have anything to do. So she climbed into her father’ chair with great …

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It’s gonna be alright!

Every little thing is Gonna be alright All my perceptions are Gonna be so bright! The sun’s gonna shine The rain’s gonna fall Life’s gonna be ecstatic For one and for all! Love’s in the air Friends are gonna meet Embraces, hugs and smiles Hearts are gonna beat! Breaking my back just doing it Gonna aim for the skies Yes …

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6 Things We Can Learn from Alice in Wonderland By Sinead Duffy

Thing We Learn From Alice In Wonderland It is easy to think that Alice in Wonderland is a dreamland fairy tale for children. On the surface it appears to be just that. However, if you look closer, you will realise that Alice’s world translates into much more than a children’s fairytale. The story has been studied and analysed by psychoanalysts since …

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