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Video : Your Hard Work & Confidence Will Certainly Take You There….Fairness May Or May Not…

Hard Work & Confidence @dontgiveupworld

Our obsession with fair skin has resulted in the rise of many multi-billion dollar ‘beauty and skin care’ companies! At the same time, we have many celebrities endorsing the same. They are exploiting the deep rooted paranoia that exists in our society because of our preference of skin color. But it’s relieving to know that there exist skin care product companies who are helping …

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To be Fair : An Article on Celebrity Endorsing Fairness Products featuring Kangana Ranaut by Deepali Pandit


Indians complain about racism outside the subcontinent, whereas the truth is that Indians themselves are obsessed with fairer skin. From Bollywood celebrities to cricket icons, all endorse fairness products to earn good money. Where all these largely followed celebrities choose to endorse fairness products, Bollywood’s very own queen Kangana Ranaut declined a whooping amount of 2 crore rupees which she …

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