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Fixing Kinetic Hondas In Garage To Asia’s Wealthiest Under-40 Entrepreneur Inspiring Story Of Arun Pudur

A boy who worked as a mechanic at the age of 13 now has his name appear on a list that starts with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. A boy who sold puppies for money in his teenage is now the tenth richest person in the world under the age of 40, according to Wealth X. He did not have a …

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Inspirational Story : The Person Who Broke My Bike’s Tail Lamp, Touched My Heart With His Gesture

    Returned To A Shocker Chennai resident Marc Knight was visiting Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital in Chennai. He parked his bike inside the parking lot and went inside the hospital. But while coming back to take out his bike, he was shocked to see that its tail lamp was broken. He realised that somebody  had broke his bike’s tail lamp …

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This Mobile RO Unit Can Convert 20,000 Litres of Rain Water into Drinking Water for Chennai

After facing the heaviest rainfall in over a century, Chennai is now struggling because of immense shortage of drinking water. The roads are flooded with sewage water, and many buildings are submerged up to the first and second floors. Residents in several parts of the city have been stranded without food and drinking water since the past few days. In …

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Sai Bakery: A Mother’s Sweet Gift to Her Autistic Son and His Differently Abled Friends

Visit Sai Bakery in Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai, and you will find more than just the wonderful aroma of freshly baked goods wafting out of it. You’ll sense the pride with which it is run and the confidence and self-esteem it provides to many of its employees who are adults with special needs. Pista muffins, mango blondies, cheese wraps, and wheat bread …

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Chennai The city with a Big Heart halts traffic to save life

Chennai The city with a Big Heart halts traffic to save life Chennai The city with a Big Heart halts traffic to save life When it’s more common to read reports of people losing their lives because of their inability to reach the hospital on time because of VIP traffic restrictions, here is a heart-warming story of traffic coming to a …

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