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Nepal teen born without use of arms or legs makes beautiful art

While the earthquake last year spelt disaster for many Nepalis, 16-year-old Amir Bomjon got a chance to make something of his life. Born handicapped to an impoverished family in Palung, he watched his mother work herself to the bone to support the family. Because of his physical state, he grew up feeling like a burden. When the earthquake struck, relief …

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Motivational Story Of Armless Artist Augustine Swapna

Augustine Swapna DOB: 21st January 1975 Place of Birth: Pothanicad, Kerala Painting Style: Footpainter Nationality: India However, even as a child, she made a habit of performing all tasks, including painting and drawing, with her feet. As her talent for art was soon discovered, her parents and teachers gave her the necessary support and encouragement to continue painting when she …

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Paul Smith Has Cerebral Palsy And He Paints Masterpieces Using Only A Typewriter

A tribute to the typewriter artist It’s been more than six years since the world lost Paul Smith at the age of 85, but not before several generations had an opportunity to admire his distinct and intricate gallery of art. His legacy continues. Known worldwide as the “Typewriter Artist,” Paul Smith’s story spans eight decades, seven in which he created …

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