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Meet 106-Year-Old Aida Gemanque Becomes Oldest Olympic Torch Bearer

  Age is just a number! And some make it look so true. 106-year-old Aida Gemanque broke the record becoming the oldest Olympic torch bearer. She carried the flame in the Amazonian city of Macapa on Saturday, 19th June. ¬†She broke the record earlier held by Alexander Kaptarenko, who was 101 when he took part in the Sochi 2014 Winter …

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The Three Wishes…. An Incident of Alexander’s Life….

Alexander, after conquering many kingdoms, was returning home. On the way, he fell ill and it took him to his death bed. With death staring him in his face, Alexander realized how his conquests, his great army, his sharp sword and all his wealth were of no consequence. He now longed to reach home to see his mother’s face and …

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The last 3 wishes of Alexander

The last wishes of Alexander : On his deathbed, Alexander summoned his generals and told them his 3 ultimate wishes: 1. The best doctors should carry his coffin; 2. The wealth he has accumulated (money, gold, precious stones) should be scattered along the procession to the cemetery, and 3. His hands should be let loose, hanging outside the coffin for …

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