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Story Of Major DP Singh Losing His Leg In Kargil War To First Indian Blade Marathon Runner

This is 1999 on the land of Kargil. Amidst the deafening sound of bombing and smell of flesh filling the air, a young major was severely injured. So much damaged had been caused that when he was brought to the Army hospital, he was declared dead. But a badly injured leg and liters of precious blood wasted were not big enough to bog down Major DP Singh‘s fighter spirit.

Efforts were made and doctors observed he still had some life left in him. Team of doctors struggled to save him but there was only one way – his right leg had to be cut. The decision was taken and Major had to part with one of his limbs.

Such a huge change would bring depression to any person but not to Singh. He prepared himself mentally and set on doing something which will turn people’s head wherever he went. With his amputated leg, he scaled a 21 kilometer-long marathon.major-dp-singhdontgiveupworld

For his extraordinary efforts, he has won a name for himself – First Indian Blade Marathon Runner. It is a miraculous effort because it is painful to even walk 4-5 km with an amputated leg.

“I just couldn’t get used to the sympathetic glances I used to get from people. After a while, I was desperate to change that”

Today, he is an inspiration figure, an icon, a hero for all those who are living with physical impairment and battling the feeling of inferiority. To inspire this shift of attitude on a larger scale, he is leading organization of a marathon from November 27 starting from Chandigarh to New Delhi.blade-runner-dp-singhdontgiveupworld

The marathon will further strengthen Major DP Singh’s dream of boosting the self-confidence of people with physical disability. This man is a true inspiration for each one of us as inspires us to constantly push our limits.

Watch this inspiring video where he tells his story

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Written by Shiva Sai Teja

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