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Start Our Day | Motivational Poem

Start your new day with new vibes and hopes. Young woman silhouette practicing yoga on the sea beach at sunset
It is the image of a person starting his day with jogging when the sun rises

A good start in the morning can set the momentum for the rest of the day. Start your morning with this wonderful poem and give yourself that extra motivation and uplift to make you ahead from others throughout the day !!

Start Our Day – Motivational Poem

New day has come with new hopes and inspiration
Let’s start our day with this whole new imagination
Make this world a better place to live in
Lets us take our journey towards whole new destination

Let’s start our journey with this new thought
And let’s make the day awesome whatever it will be brought
Let’s just make this day work for us
We will work on our own and that will be just our focus.

Let’s break this chain of mediocrity
work towards it with the same integrity
Let’s start living for our happiness
And that feeling will be priceless

Let’s stop being slave of our journey
Create our own world free of anxiety
Let’s rise and shine and make this our first priority
Because it’s time to rise above our own dignity.

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Written by Varshank Upadhyay

Good Listener - Better Observer - Best Performer !!
Flexible, Disciplined and Dedicated.
Books and Music are Love.
Sarcastic and Witty.
Prefers a go-getting attitude, rather than settling.
Love to write Short stories, Articles and Poems, when not working.


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