Samphion India’s first Health Lifestyle Dating Brand

Samphion India’s first Health Lifestyle Dating Brand
Samphion India’s first Health Lifestyle Dating Brand

Samphion India’s first Health Lifestyle Dating Brand

Samphion India’s first Health Lifestyle Dating Brand
Samphion India’s first Health Lifestyle Dating Brand

India finally seems to be waking up to online dating applications which have tripled
their user base in the country.
As education and financial independence levels among the youth, especially
women, continue to rise, along with increasing digital penetration, it is expected
online dating to become more widespread as people seek to forge new
relationships based on shared interests and compatibility.
To stay firm on to these terms Samphion has arrived to take a toll on the dating
Samphion India’s first Health & Lifestyle Dating Brand & World’s only
Dating Brand
that incentivizes users for contributing to Safety Standards.

Samphion India’s first Health Lifestyle Dating Brand

Its unique features are what makes it distinct from the other existing dating apps
in the market. It shines on

  • Enabling Expression to Users by helping them curate Health & Lifestyle Profile in
    unique way:
  • They can build their interest in multiple categories, describe the same
    in 50 -100 words and share their level of expertise. Example : An XYZ user can showcase his expertise in Yoga by uploading relevant photographs, describe it in 50- 100 words . And at the same time do the same for Dance as well as Meditation.
    On top of it, Users can upload their genera photographs in Life Snaps as well
  • Seamless Discovery based on Health & Lifestyle Preferences: Users
    can explore other Profiles in different categories from Yoga, meditation to
    Dance and Fashion by exploring Exclusive Junction.
  • Genuine Profile Verification: That gives verification tags and Samphionister
    tags to showcase genuine profile build – up. Verification tags ensures genuine
    profile and Samphionister tag ensures genuine Health & Lifestyle Profile Build up
  • Incentivizing user profiles with badges for contributing to Safety Guidelines
    of Platform: Users can report profiles for multiple of reasons and if their claims are
    found to be true, they will be

incentivized with badges which will help them to have higher visibility towards their

Samphion India’s first Health Lifestyle Dating Brand

User’s Safety is the utmost priority for Samphion and to protect they take the
following measures without and doubt in their mind.

Doesn’t allow any screenshots

Incentivizes users for adhering to safety standards

When a user reports any abusive or illegal or fake profile, their claim is verified and if found true then the incentivization happens through badges and these badges help in increasing the visibility of user profile.

It is a way to incentivize good actors on our platform when they help us by reporting the bad actors.

• Users who sign up by using their phone numbers have higher chance
of getting verified.

It gives the option of filtering through the categories of Health and Lifestyle such
as Meditation, Green Living, Conscious Diet, Walking, Exercise, Fitness,
Skincare, Yogasana, 5 A.M. Club, Mindfulness, Swimming, Dancing, Zumba,
Hiking, Music, Fashion.

The Samphion family strongly believes, this can also be a way of claiming to be
modern, because now they share an experience with youth all over the world.

These are the times where Samphion can propel totally in the market.
When you join Samphion, you are entering the community of active singles,
which means you have more choices of others like you who are looking for a
fitness date.

So, whether your fitness passion is yoga, running, bodybuilding or
some other exercise activity, you’re more likely to find a workout partner on
this online dating site than just about anywhere else.

Dating @ Samphion = Cool + Fun + Exciting + Safe + Private

Don’t miss out on the new hype download it right away from Google Play Store.
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