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Rocketship Education and The Impact on Students

Rocketship Education is a community-based charter school concept that focuses on lower-income neighborhoods that are lacking in quality school environments. The concept also involves people in the community as well as parents so an entire neighborhood alliance is formed for the good of the students.

When parents really get involved the dynamic changes because they begin to understand the process and how difficult it can be to change the status quo. With the Rocketship approach, however, they see the potential, and that each child has a new opportunity to excel.

Instead of cramming students into a common classroom, or a series of classrooms where they literally hear “lectures” all day long, Rocketship Education uses a variety of different measures to help children find their own niches. The students rotate between different content blocks, learning labs, and enrichment exercises. Student outcomes are emphasized by hiring teachers who specialize in the areas that are needed such as humanities and achievement.

Students catch on to these precepts quickly, because there is nothing more natural than learning when it becomes fun. There is an emphasis on technological learning as students are already conditioned to it from their use of smartphones, laptops, and tablets. These devices help in the areas of math, science, and language arts – areas where repetition and practice really paid off.

Students and parents are able to craft individual growth plans where the teachers are there to help. Individual tutoring sessions enhance areas where students have issues, and the individual attention helps them to move forward.

At Rocketship Education the whole child is educated because the core values of empathy, persistence, respect, and responsibility are emphasized. In partnership with parents enrichment courses are offered such as art, music, gardening, nutrition, and dance.

The concept of Rocketship Education is to not only enhance the quality of the educational process, but to show that the entire community is enhanced. The involvement of student, parents, and teachers involves everyone in the community and the overall outcome is vastly superior. That is why Rocketship students graduate on the average a full year ahead of comparative public school students.

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Written by Arun Pandit

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